My Mind vs My Heart Series

My Mind vs My Heart (Part 1)

“Shout out to every argument my mind and my heart faced to find the real me.”  I’ve had my first real relationship when I was 17 years old. I met him through mutual friends in high school. I can assure you that he was a very attractive guy. He was on top of his classes, […]

My Mind vs My Heart (Part 2)

The only way to start solving a problem is being aware of the problem. Two years after losing myself in a relationship again, I was finally waking up. Slowly opening my eyes back to my reality… It was painful at first. I didn’t want to face my reality,I just wanted to stay in my safety […]

My Mind vs My Heart (Part 3)

“I put my adventure shoes on, I was going to discover me.” Now, that I was focusing on improving my life, I was slowly starting to put things in order. I was having more time for myself. I let all the people who didn’t serve me well out of my life. In this silence and […]

My Mind vs My Heart (Part 4)

To the spark of madness in me that keeps me alive… At the age of 22, the commitment I’ve made the spiritualism and self-growth were going well. I was changing a lot of lazy habits of mine. I cut off t.v from my life. I was going into 100% speed. I was waking up at […]

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