Chapter 1: The Prisoner Who stops us from being free? We blame the government, we blame the weather, we blame our parents, we blame religion we blame God. Who really stops us from being free? Don Miguel Ruiz- The Four Agreements I love chatting with random people. Since I was little I’ve never felt hesitant […]

To the spark of madness in me that keeps me alive… At the age of 22, the commitment I’ve made the spiritualism and self-growth were going well. I was changing a lot of lazy habits of mine. I cut off t.v from my life. I was going into 100% speed. I was waking up at […]

What do you do when you are in extremely anxious situations? Do you cry? Do you want to disappear? I am the type who instantly goes into “I don’t want to be alive anymore.” mode. As one can say, flight mode. I used to go into flight mod for every little challenge in my life […]

There has been an event. Where one man was killed by another man in the middle of the street. The one that was killing seemed very comfortable with his judgement. The ones who were watching didn’t stop him. The one who was dying seamed extremely uncomfortable, worried, and horrified. He was begging for his life. […]

It’s lovely to have a company. You come home and you have someone to eat dinner with or to talk with. The comfort it presents is priceless, especially if you are feeling lonely. A partner is very nice to have no lies but is your partner the best one for you? Are you feeling yourself […]

Dear Meditation, Thank you for helping me to stay sane and to see the brighter side each day. It was a very hot summer day outside. Bored from the party Blair and Luna were chatting by the pool; B:If I could only talk enough about the importance of meditation, then I would. L: What does […]

The day is almost over. We are officially about to be done with May 20 forever. With everything it has brought and everything it has taken, it is going away. How was your day? Did you have fun? Did you cry? Are you upset or are you happy? Are you confused? However are you feeling? […]