It’s lovely to have a company. You come home and you have someone to eat dinner with or to talk with. The comfort it presents is priceless, especially if you are feeling lonely. A partner is very nice to have no lies but is your partner the best one for you? Are you feeling yourself […]

Dear Meditation, Thank you for helping me to stay sane and to see the brighter side each day. It was a very hot summer day outside. Bored from the party Blair and Luna were chatting by the pool; B:If I could only talk enough about the importance of meditation, then I would. L: What does […]

The day is almost over. We are officially about to be done with May 20 forever. With everything it has brought and everything it has taken, it is going away. How was your day? Did you have fun? Did you cry? Are you upset or are you happy? Are you confused? However are you feeling? […]

The only way to start solving a problem is being aware of the problem. Two years after losing myself in a relationship again, I was finally waking up. Slowly opening my eyes back to my reality… It was painful at first. I didn’t want to face my reality,I just wanted to stay in my safety […]

There is always going to be someone who has more than what you have in life, as there will be someone who has less. As humanity, we struggle to see the people who have less than us because we are often focused on the people who have more than what we have. We have become […]

“Shout out to every argument my mind and my heart faced to find the real me.”  I’ve had my first real relationship when I was 17 years old. I met him through mutual friends in high school. I can assure you that he was a very attractive guy. He was on top of his classes, […]

“In a world where you can be anything you want, who do you choose to be? I choose to be a Modern Hippie. “ Millennial Hippie All these years hippies were introduced as dirty, lazy people with no money and no consistency but I believe there are more to hippies. These folks care for passion […]